Embrace The Suck!

· My Thoughts

Embrace it. It’s ok. Not many of us get it on the first try.

I remember trying to understand how websites were built when I started my apprenticeship at SuperFriendly. I was tasked by Dan to create an exact replica of Toyota’s website. This was an exercise for me to understand how UI elements and the overall page was designed. Yep, totally bombed it. Well, at least I thought I did.

There was another time, at an agency I use to work for, when I had to create a set of social posts for a brand we were working with. My art directors were amazing at creating these types of content and I totally bombed mine. I wasn’t confident at all to a point that I wanted to tell them, “Please take me off this project!”.

You know what I learned from those experiences? It’s ok if you mess up or can’t figure something out right away. This only means you’re not perfect and there’s room for growth. You’ll just get better, with practice of course. So yeah, if you find yourself in this kind of funk, embrace the suck!!

Written by jluciano215 · · My Thoughts