Einstein 360 is a Comcast employee tool which helps agents provide better service to current and new customers calling the Comcast call-centers. Before Einstein 360, agents were using multiple tools which prolonged the amount of time with the customer.  Einstein 360 is the tool which helped with cutting down the agent-to-customer time.

With that said, my team and I were in the phase of redesigning the entire system. From the dashboard to designing a better user experience for the agent when creating a truck roll, it was all done to help the call-center agents. Less time on the phone meant less money spent, which was around $20 per call at the time.



Here are the design mockups based off of the wireframes. I’ve also created an XD prototype to showcase an agent’s flow when creating a truck-roll.

This is when the agent schedules an appointment for a technician to go to the customer’s house or apartment to install a system. There are multiple user flows depending on the situation, but feel free to view a regular scheduled truck-roll.

If you’d like to get know me and more about this project, feel free to contact me, check out the resume, send a tweet or slack message – I’m available.